Eating Paleo At Restaurants

Grain-free, dairy-free meal options when you must eat out.

(updated regularly with new options posted at the top. Have a contribution? Send it to gina [at] crossfitlongbeach [dot] com)

Waba Grill - Various Locations in So Cal

By Edelina: You can order any of their rice bowls with veggies only (35 cents extra) and they offer choices of chicken, salmon, beef and shrimp. I usually order the Chicken teriyaki bowl (no teriyaki sauce), veggies only, add grilled shrimp (no teriyaki sauce), add 1/2 avocado. They also have fresh brewed unsweetened tea. I also place a similar order at the Golden Bowl at Bixby and Atlantic--chicken (no sauce) and veggies only, add avocado. 

Congregation Ale House

By Gina: Located on Broadway, between Pine and Long Beach Blvd. Julia turned us onto this place. This is not your typical bar food. Julia and Maria define it best as a gastro-pub. They make their own sausages from scratch and you can tell because they're really fresh. They come wrapped in flatbread but we skipped that. And they do sweet potato fries. And they have a $7.00 lunch special before 3pm.

RED — A sipology kitchen

By Patricia: Located at 3405 Orange Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807 (corner of Orange and Wardlow.) Tuesdays they offer a $5 lunch burger special with a drink order. Very yummy. They have a bunch of great burgers and you can order yours without the bun. Plus they do sweet potato fries — not french fries.

Paleo Margarita is Officially Called "Tequila Rickey"

By Orlando: So all of us trying to eat and drink Paleo have been trying to explain this drink to every bartender in So Cal....... Here's the official name: Tequila Rickey. Here's a link to to help explain it. There are also other versions that can be mixed with different alcohols. Enjoy and drink up!


By Orlando: Not much on the menu there for the Paleo eater.....but I made do. The sirloin steak with the Asada rub, all veggies for the sides, no butter and I ordered a side of Pico de Gallo to dump over everything......actually was pretty tasty.

Delius on Cherry and Spring

By Gina and Chad: We love their cobb salad with no blue cheese crumbles or dressing. Their vinagrette is delicious. Have them toss it for you. Gina also loves their Spinach Salad and orders it with garlic shrimp instead of herb chicken (it's a little dry).

By Orlando: Meat Lovers Omelette with tomatoes and onion added. No cheese, of course, and tomato and avocado slices instead of the potatoes...all I'm going to say is "eggs and all that a heavenly breakfast/brunch"

Italian Deli option

By Orlando: So Italian was on the lunch menu today.....didn't take much creativity to feel like I was still eating an Italian meal. I ordered a sausage and pepper sandwich, minus the cheese and's as simple as it sounds, some Italian sausage, some peppers and onions all cooked in marinara sauce.


Orlando had the Cobb salad, minus the cheese and subbed the ranch dressing for italian, added onions and pepperchinnis....and now it's sorta Cobb/Antipasto, but Paleo none the less!

Los Compadres (Anaheim and Redondo)

Julia and Gina like the shrimp ceviche, spicy version, especially when it's hot. Hold the tortialla chips. Comes with a fair amount of avocado, too. Gina also likes their "Mexican Margarita" which is simply tequila, lime juice and club soda. It's tart but refreshing.

Cisco Burger (Anaheim, near Magnolia)

Chad and Orlando like the Cisco Pile without the cheese and potatoes. It has eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, peppers, salsa. It's really good.

Wahoo's (many locations)

Melissa likes the Fish Salad without cheese, beans or salad dressing. She gets the cajun/spicy fish which adds great flavor and uses fresh salsa as the dressing. The salad comes with a big pile of guacamole too.

The Wahoo's Salad with chicken is another great Paleo Meal. Order with double chicken, no cheese, no tortilla chips and extra salsa for the dressing.

Peruvian Dish - Inka Grill

Orlando went to Inka Grill and got the Saltado de Vainitas con Carne - it's basically grilled onions, tomatoes, broccoli and meat, you can also get it with chicken. This dish is pretty common in all Peruvian restaurants. Make sure you tell them broccoli only and no green beans (have to stay Rx). Make sure not to eat the rice or bread. And for extra flavor you can spread the Aji salsa on it (it's the light green salsa), it's very tasty. Aji is a type of pepper from Peru....if you're feeling brave, spread the red salsa.

Carls Jr

$6 low-carb, double patty, no bun, no cheese, no ketchup. Orlando suggests hot sauce and eat it with a fork and knife.

Tam's Burgers (on Atlantic, near Market)

Chicken salad with Italian dressing....major paleo salad....loads of chicken!


Order a triple animal/protein style burger with no cheese and no sauce. It has 3 mustard-cooked patties with all the veggies and extra pickles, all wrapped up in lettuce. If you're not into that much meat...... order a double.

El Pollo Loco

4 piece meal + 2 side combo. Get the garden salad (salad dressing=tomato salsa) and steamed vegetables for the 2 sides. No tortillas! Can also get the 8 piece if in need of more protein. Or...

Pollo bowl with vegetables instead of beans and rice.

El Taco Loco #3 (Magnolia and 15th)

Gina likes the tostada de ceviche - hold the corn tortilla. So good!

Thai Restaurant

Green Chicken Curry... Grilled chicken in a coconut milk curry sauce, with bamboo shoots and basil. Extra salad and veggies, instead of rice and noodle soup. I know it's hard, but you have to stay away from the thai tea or coffee.


So, I (Orlando) wasn't totally Paleo....but Niraj was kind enough to buy, so I felt the need to bend the rules a little...

Beef rib and hot link with the fresh sauteed veggies and buffalo wings for a starter (no ranch) My cheat was the BBQ sauce...but it's my birthday weekend! You can order the ribs "dry" which is without the barbecue sauce.


Orlando recommends this one. For a nice dinner out, linen table cloths and napkins (I know what you're all thinking, but they actually let me in....anyway)

Brazilian's all you can eat meat...need I say more. And they have a pretty good selection of veggies and salads, to go with your protein overload.

Javier's - Mexican Food

Javier's is fancy Mexican food...enough said about that. There is a Javier's in Irvine Spectrum and one in Newport Coast...enjoy!

Orlando was able to pull off a plate and make it Paleo. Order the Carnitas plate: instead of the beans, order veggies or salad, toss the tortillas and extra guacamole. Pour the salsa over the salad and he said he actually felt like he was eating real Mexican food!

Baba Ganoush - Lebanese food

4276 Atlantic Ave. 90807 562-424-4567

Mediterranean Salad with Chicken, no feta cheese. Add a few Kabobs to get a little more meat and vegtables. Great service...enjoy!

Flame Broiler

So, Flame Broiler can be a perfect lunch spot for the Paleo Dieter. You can order just about any of the plates, with no rice or sauce and you'll be good to go! I had the chicken beef combo plate with all veggies, no rice, no sauce, then added their Magic Hot Sauce. The plate comes with a salad and italian dressing and orange slices. to find a location near you.

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